Flow Extended Service Contract

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Purchase an extended service contract from Flow - a brand you can trust.

  • Choose from a range of protection levels to fit your needs, driving habits, or budget.
  • Covers all 50 States and Canada
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance 24/7
  • No per-visit or yearly limit on repairs.2

Drive on a road without roadblocks.

As your vehicle gets older, the risk and cost of mechanical breakdown increases - often after the factory warranty expires.

Each year, more sophisticated technology is built into our cars from collision-avoidance technology to advanced keyless entry and remote starting systems. These advances make driving easier and safer. They also require more complex and costly repairs. And, once your warranty ends, you'll need to pay the costs out of pocket. But you can avoid the rising cost of repairs by protecting your car with The Flow Extended Vehicle Service Contract.

With 0% interest and five levels of uninterrupted coverage, you can add valuable benefits to keep your life moving forward at a price that fits your budget;Flow's Extended Service Contract helps you avoid potential roadblocks with rental reimbursement and 24/7 emergency roadside assistance so you can keep your car on the road.
Nationwide Protection
Coverage is effective anywhere within the continental U.S.,
Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. You're covered even if you're
traveling or you move to a different city.

You're Always Covered
When a repair can't be made by your selling dealer because
you're away from home or it's an emergency, the program
administrator can utilize its national corporate credit card to
make immediate payment to the repair facility.

Maximum Benefits
There's no per-visit limit and no yearly limit on the number of
claims that can be made.2

Toll-Free Assistance
Help is just a free phone call away.
Your Choice of Coverages
You have a wide choice of protection that you tailor
to your needs by choosing the years, miles, deductible and
coverage plans that best suit your vehicle and driving needs.

Transferable Coverage
All coverage plans are fully transferable if the remaining portion
of the original manufacturer warranty has not been reduced
or voided.

Low Deductible
All coverage plans require a low deductible per repair visit.

Maintenance Requirements
You're required to maintain your vehicle in accordance with the
Vehicle Service Contract provisions. You're required to retain
copies of all maintenance receipts during the term of the Vehicle
Service Contract. Exclusions and limitations apply. See Vehicle
Service Contract for details.
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1Based on eligibility and current Make, Model, Year, and vehicle mileage. Contact us today for more details. 
2If a repair exceeds the current NADA retail value of the vehicle, the vehicle service contract will pay up to that amount for a single repair. See contract for details or contact us today. 
30% payment plan for 12 to 18 months, includes first month's payment.
4The repair costs shown above are for illustrative purposes only. Actual cost may vary by vehicle, year, make and model. Data was compiled using manufacturer-suggested retail pricing and labor requirements for the specified components as recorded by a nationally recognized labor time publication for a representative sample of 2016 Asian, domestic and European vehicles